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Dedicated to solving global health and international development challenges with passionate innovation that improves conditions for the underserved, specifically disadvantaged women, children, and elderly. If you are an innovator or an individual with skills and passion that complement our company mission and strategies, you may be in the right place. We work with individual consultants and in-country partners to achieve our goals. We strive to build adaptable, culturally appropriate, and scientifically solid teams that solve problems and answer important questions. In the process, we understand and respect the value of our consultants and consider their professional goals. If you are a consultant or small business with goals that might align with ours, read on…

Work Environment

We celebrate a new vision of the work environment –a consortium of consultants who work in teams both remotely and in the field. Strong communication is critical. As individual consultants and organizations from remote parts of the world. We collaborate and build larger, interdisciplinary teams from diverse backgrounds and experience for addressing issues around the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

All individual members and affiliated companies function under sub-contracts to GHL. All affiliates are required to meet both GHL and project contract requirements. GHL teams are formed by program leaders specifically around client needs. These core team members have experience working with their senior GHL Associates, maintaining continuity across projects. Project leaders are involved in all aspects of the project. They work on proposal developments to implementation and evaluation. While the core team manages the various players. Consultants work independently using project tools to guide activities. They also work as teams for interdisciplinary interaction and during proposal development and at critical pathways.

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What does it mean to be on the GHL Talent Roster

GHL Solutions identifies potential projects aligned with company strategic goals and the GHL Talent Roster. Using the GHL Talent Roster, GHL recruits potential partners and consulting team members for each project. If we feel that you could contribute to the GHL team in the development of a competitive bid, we will contact you.

The GHL bid development team is made up of the consultants who will work on the project. Working with team members we organize a competitive proposal activity for the requested work. It ensures consistency between the client needs and the proposed team capabilities. This also contributes to team development and strong understanding of project expectations. We must also demonstrate continuity given our teaming model, which is why GHL puts systems such as checklists in place during the proposal development phase that provide a road map for consultant and partner activities. As we develop the proposal, we will reach out as needed for intermittent content preparation and review of proposal components (particularly sections aligned with your area of expertise) and may seek additional inputs, e.g., estimated budget costs related to your activities.

GHL will make the proposal submission. When GHL wins the project, you will be included as part of the project team as outlined in the proposal that we collaboratively developed. GHL will make a contract that includes a specific project scope of work for your role in the project. You will both bill and be paid as a consultant. As required, we will provide the appropriate tax related form(s) at the end of the year for tax purposes. If forms other than US forms are required, you will request those from our finance department.

On-boarding Process

If you are comfortable with the company model and the way that GHL operates as an organization, we invite you to join the more than 150 consultants in the GHL Talent Roster. To participate in our onboarding process, please express your interest by going to the link below and completing the GHL survey.

We hope that we will be adding you to our GHL Talent Roster. Once we receive your survey, GHL will review your responses to determine whether GHL will be a good fit for you. After the review, we will contact you directly to move forward with next steps. If you have any questions, write to [email protected]