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GHL Solutions specializes in serving hard-to-reach communities and diffusing new products and ideas to a wider audience. We understand how to send the right message to the best audience at the perfect time and in an appropriate method. Let our social scientists and media specialists help you develop and deliver your message.

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Social Marketing

Did you know that 115 million people lost their jobs in 2020 due to COVID? Many individuals have chosen to start their own businesses either consulting and providing a service or selling a product.

No matter your service or product you need to understand your market if you plan to build an audience. Whether you are selling consulting services, breast exams or mammography machines, Social Marketing strategies can help you reach your client market.

Social Marketing strategies might be used for keyword research, audience engagement, or knowledge sharing. The process might involve conducting interviews or surveys through directed social media campaigns. Success is more likely if the information is gathered using rigorous processes, analyzed carefully, and then converted to a social media campaign message and tested.

Whether you want to expand your program visibility, increase the uptake of services in the community, or raise demand for services, social marketing methods can help you achieve those goals in a sustainable way.

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Diffusion of Innovation 

Whether you are selling a new course or a new and innovative product, it is important that you understand how to get the word out. Diffusion of Innovation was originally proposed by E.M. Rogers in 1962. And it must work, because Diffusion of Innovation is still in use today. The theory is used by marketers to change behavior from smokers to non-smokers from non-buyers to buyers. The associated processes have blossomed in this age of internet technology.

We know there are five audiences to target. Each has its own needs. Rogers outlined these five audiences as the innovators, early adopters, early majority and late majority.

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Seeking ideas, willing to take risks, and often the first to adopt a new idea. If you have an interesting and new idea that is appealing, little needs to be done to appeal to this population.

Early Adopters

Awareness of the new behavior change, trend, or product and comfortable adopting new ideas. Appeal to this population with data and demonstration, manuals, and worksheets.

Early Majority

Evidence-based adopting of new ideas before the average person. Though they are not leaders, they typically need to see evidence that a new idea or innovation works before they will adopt it.

Late Majority

Skeptical of any change, they only adopt something new after it has been tried and tested by the majority. You can appeal to this population by showing how many other people have tried the idea and adopted it successfully.