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GHL Solutions specializes in hard-to-reach communities. We understand how to send a message to the right audience at the right time. Let our social scientists help you develop your message and reach the right audience. 


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Program Defined Communities

When your communities do not live in the same geographic area, they are defined in other ways. For example, the earlier mammography program was across the country. The audience did not live in a specific geographic area. The campaign needed to understand where they were and how to target them, that is what media strategies will they be attending?

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Marketing with Social Media

Social Marketing strategies, keyword research for community engagement, and knowledge sharing through directed social media campaigns. Success is more likely if the information is gathered using rigorous processes, analyzed carefully, and then converted to a social media campaign message and tested.

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Jane Pritchard, BS, CCRA, ACRP PM

Jane Pritchard is an accomplished Clinical Research Professional with proven ability to drive and support global and regional clinical research (Phase I-IV) operations.  Ms. Pritchard has more than 30 years of experience in clinical and biomedical research, primarily...