Simon Wachira Njuguna, B. Pharm, MPSK – Clinical Trials Pharmacist

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Simon Wachira Njuguna, Clinical Trials Pharmacist - Kenya

Simon Wachira Njuguna, Clinical Trials Pharmacist – Kenya

Simon Wachira Njuguna, B. Pharm, MPSK  facilitates safe production, distribution and use of drugs. He is a key player in the provision of accessible and affordable health care at in Kenyan communities, with a special focus on treatment and prevention of communicable, sexually and vector transmitted diseases, sanitation and immunization. Mr Wachira Njuguna led the pharmacy team at Moi Teaching Hospital to earn the approval of the National Institutes of Health for conducting AIDS clinical trials. At the pharmacy at Moi, he has been responsible for procurement, storage, dispensing and management of research products, all of which followed strict study protocols. He was responsible for establishing all internal policies and procedures of the pharmacy for safe and proper use of  dispensed products, assuring proper distribution of products.  Mr Wachira Njuguna also devised a comprehensive pharmacy plan and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Working with the other Moi University Clinical Research Centre team succeeded in providing continued quality research records and source documents.  His professional goal is to participate in the formulation of sustainable health care policies in the African region in consultation with stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Health, World Health Organization (WHO), AMREF and county, national and regional governments. He resides in Eldoret, Kenya.

Languages: English and Swahili



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