SCD at the ASH Research Collaborative Support

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Preparing Clinical trials Sites

Sickle Cell Disease Research Collaborative

GHLiaisons is supportingthe sickle cell disease community through our work at the ASH Research Collaborative #ASHRC , the American Society of Hematology Research Collaborative. GHLiaisons is providing support to the clinical trials network in their efforts to build #community engagement#Sponsor engagement, and construct their #SOPs .  Through this initiative, we can help improve #publichealth of the #SCD Sickle Cell Disease #community. In addition to drug development that is needed for the Sickle Cell Disease community, GHLiaisons supported the ASH RC team with discussions with #norvartiss and #norvonordisk.  Team members contributed to the development of standard operating procedures, which improve systems and speed up processes.

GHLiaisons ASH RC Support Team

We want to applaud Kelly EarpLynda SagrestanoJabin SharmaChristina Blanchard-Horan, PhD, MA, and Marsha L Greene for supporting this important initiative.

GHLiaisons ASH RC Support Team

GHLiaisons’ ASH RC Support Team

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