Generating Regular Quality Content

Do you have ideas you have trouble conveying in written English? Do you sometimes feel that there is a never-ending demand for content? Feeling frustrated because you can’t seem to write high-quality content fast enough for the blog-post demand? …Now I can quickly produce quality content that is well-written. I found a writing assistant tool to help overcome all of the common content development challenges that I have faced as a writer trying to produce quality content and helped my friends with their writing challenges.

Business Owner Challenges

I wasn’t always interested in social media. For many years I was interested in social marketing, in fact, I got a certification in the topic. This was the mid-90s and social media was in its infancy. We went on the run a successful statewide social marketing campaign to reduce breast cancer in Tennessee and then a national Medicare disparities program that wanted to increase mammography use. We used social marketing strategies and applied them to brochures, radio, and video ads.

Now it is 2022 and I am a business owner and as such a content writer. If you are in business, you are a content writer or you are hiring someone to do it for you. I have found that there is an increasing demand for content, eBooks, self-help brochures, briefs, courses, and website text. The list goes on. You name it they all involve content development.

During that time I learned about something called diffusion of innovation, sharing information, and spreading the word. Needless to say, I have applied these same theories today. Now I find to generate enought content we need extra tools.  I also find the need to apply some important marketing strategies for quality content development.

I had been looking for a tool to help me write, give me ideas, find new information and help me formulate my thoughts. This means an intuitive AI that could sort of read my thoughts. I could write half a sentence and the tool finishes the thought.

Quality Content Development

I have several colleagues who speak English as a second language and they had struggled with writing papers and articles. One person said, “this app is amazing. You’re a genius!” We have been working with an application called Jasper to ensure quality content development. Jasper is an AI-powered writing assistant that goes beyond grammar checking and completing a sentence like most writing assistants (see this article for more on grammar checkers and writing support). This tool outperforms those tools by offering content development based on your inputs. It has helped a number of small businesses to provide more consistent quality content in a shorter period of time. It helps overcome all of the common challenges writers face, like writer’s block and literally offers suggested text. You’ll be able to produce content that is both well-written and on-brand.

Imagine creating quality content development for blog posts with ease, knowing that they will be well-received by your audience. Social media content creation and a guide for creating high-quality content. With this app called Jasper, that dream can become a reality.

Jasper For Content Development

I am the owner of two small businesses. I have a small team of about five people. All of us use Jasper to improve writing, some more than others. I used Jasper to help me write quality content development for an eBook. It moved much faster than I had expected. Jasper (then Jarvis) came up with creative ways to say what I was thinking, providing quality content I could review, edit and enjoy! Jasper is very intuitive. I’m not saying Jasper is perfect. But, the more we engage, the better it gets.

Three screenschots on a blue background show the options available in Jasper

Three screenschots on a blue background show the options available in Jasper

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