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Errrance Meeks, MBA, BA-MT

Clinical/Research Laboratory Consultant

Errance Meeks is a Clinical/Research Laboratory Consultant. His career scientific and business professional with over 25 years of laboratory consulting expertise. He served as supervisor of Biological Research (91K20), was laboratory manager for SAIC, and served as a Senior Laboratory Science Specialist for the AIDS Clinical Trials Group, Central Laboratory Manager for the at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Program Manager at the United States Army Medical Material Agency. Conducting domestic and international site monitoring visits to include 29 laboratories and repositories located in Africa, South America, India, and the Caribbean…click photo for more

Christina Blanchard-Horan, PhD, MA

Principal Investigator & Quality Improvement Consultant

Dr. Christina Blanchard-Horan is an expert in capacity building and quality improvement to improve healthcare access. She worked as an senior international program specialist for the AIDS Clinical Trials Group Operations Center and was responsible for initiating the international clinical research site program, developing the tracking system, monitoring progress and providing capacity training. Click for more…..

Kelly Earp PhD, MA

Investigator & Project Manager

Dr. Kelly Earp has 17 years of experience focusing on methods, ethnography, implementation, process, behavior changes, intervention, and evaluation of different cultural models, and international health, infectious disease as well as self-management programs.

Aida Asmelash, MD, MPH, MBE

Research Investigator

Dr. Aida Asmelash, is a dedicated clinical research professional. She has led numerous teams in the past 14 years of experience conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials on infectious diseases. Her research has focused on issues around HIV/AIDS and related co-morbidities. She is a strategist and accomplished health research professional. She is skilled at leading and managing clinical trials focused on identification of novel therapeutic and preventative HIV/AIDs and other infectious disease strategies. For nine years, she was Clinical Research Site Program Leader and study physician … click photo for more

Marsha Greene, MS, MPhil, BS

Clinical Trials Sponsor Engagement Specialist

Marsha Greene is an experienced clinical research professional skilled in clinical trials protocol development, program development, regulatory oversight and policy development. In her 14 year professional career, she has worked on a diverse array of projects encompassing infectious disease, cancer, sociobehavioral issues and the impacts of emerging biotechnologies on human health and national security. Ms. Greene has a specific interest in research ethics and the protection of human subjects participating in clinical research. Click photo for more….

Vicki Stocker, RN

Clinical Trials Network Advisor

Vicki L. Stocker is an experienced clinical research professional skilled with more than three decades of experience as a registered nurse with a vast clinical research experience. She has specialized in therapeutic areas which include HIV-1 infection, oncology, cardiovascular disease, ophthalmology, asthma, and post-operative care. Ms. Stocker has managed multi-million-dollar clinical trials networks and supported programs for the NIAID and NINR at the National Institutes of Health, overseeing…. click photo for more

Kim Banks, MBA, MS, MT(AMT)

Laboratory Specialist

Kim Banks is a native of Bermuda. She has worked as an independent consultant to the island’s hospital to assist the Pathology & Laboratory Services Department in their pursuit of Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, which was achieved in 2006. She has recently worked with an independent laboratory in achieving ISO 15189 accreditation (June 2015) and is currently assisting other small laboratories with CLIA accreditation.

Jabin Sharma, MHM, MS, BS

Clinical Research Associate

Jabin Sharma is a dedicated research professional with several years of experience in Public Health Welfare and Clinical Research administration & coordination. She has demonstrated ability in planning, implementing & monitoring multi site research studies. Adept in liaising with internal and external stakeholders. Jabin worked on a community based intervention program titled, “Integrated Project on Mother & Child Survival and Safe Motherhood Program” funded by Ford Foundation, WHO, and World Bank…. click photo for more

Denis Bwesigye, DrPH

Investigator & Mapping Consultant

Dr. Denis Bwesigye is an expert in the research and program evaluations that relate to RMNCH, AIDS, HIV, malaria control and child immunization. He was involved in managing two Centers for Disease Control projects in both South Africa and Nigeria.

Muthoni Njage, MPH

Public Health Consultant

Muthoni Njage is a highly trained public health specialist and has 12 years of experience globally. She is a highly skilled trainer in public health and has planned and implemented a variety of public health projects.

Simon Wacharia

Simon Wachira Njuguna, B. Pharm, MPSK facilitates safe production, distribution and use of drugs. He is a key player in the provision of accessible and affordable health care at in Kenyan communities, with a special focus on treatment and prevention of communicable, sexually and vector transmitted diseases, sanitation and immunization. Mr Wachira Njuguna led the pharmacy team at Moi Teaching Hospital to earn the approval of the National Institutes of Health for conducting AIDS clinical trials. Click photo for more…

Albert Kalangwa, PhD

Pharmacy Supply Chain Expert

Dr. Albert Kalangwa has more than a decade of experience conducting supply chain management studies. He has made considerable contributions to supply chain strengthening in Uganda, Sierra Leone, Malawi, and Djibouti. He is an expert in pharmaceutical supply procurement and supply chain assessment, and policy. In addition to his consulting work with UNICEF in Copenhagen, Denmark on global issues related to supply chain. He has extensive experience advising agencies

John Bosco Asiimwe, PhD


Dr. John Bosco Asiimwe worked as a Statistician on a vaccination coverage survey that was funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health Uganda. Dr. Asiimwe has been working as a monitoring and evaluation expert on the Uganda reproductive health voucher program funded by the World Bank. He also has over fifteen (15) years using software like SurveyCTO, CSPro, Epidata, EpiInfo, SPSS, Stata and MS Office applications.