Presents a series on HIV & COVID

HIV Then & Now: COVID & Community

HIV COVID Talks begin with a conversation with scientists who fought the HIV AIDS battle for decades and are now faced with COVID in their communities.  Join the conversation about the COVID response,  the science, implementation with equity, recommendations, and future research that is needed.





The people are so experienced with the issues around COVID. I think it’s important we should continue this dialogue.  Nobody is doing it.”

Dr N Kumarasamy

Director , - Chennai Antiviral Research and Treatment (CART) Clinical Research Center & Head of VHS COVID Treatment India

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About This Series


HIV COVID Talks Presents HIV Then & Now: COVID & Community Response. This event is dedicated to Dr. James Gita Hakim, who gave his life in service to his patients.  The purpose is to open a dialogue about  HIV/AIDS and COVID.  We will compare the current situation with COVID and discuss the future of HIV/AIDS research. We will be exploring questions around the HIV/AIDS Community’s role in the COVID response and How the response to COVID and AIDS compare, i.e. is history repeating itself?  


The Main Sponsor of this event is Global Health Liaisons doing business as GHL Solutions (formerly GHLiaisons). GHL Solutions is a privately held for-profit with purpose company, specializing in the science of communities and dedicated to improving conditions for people in vulnerable communities. Additional support provided by the Uganda National Academy of Sciences.

Board Members

Peter Mugyenyi, MD

Peter Mugyenyi, MBChB, DCH, FRCPI, FRCPE, ScD,

Pediatrician & HIV AIDS Researcher, Author of “A Cure Too Far” and “Genocide by Denial” President of the Uganda National Academy of Sciences and Director of the JCRC Uganda (retired)

A researcher in Uganda during the HIV pandemic outbreak, he spent his career working on a disease that was killing so many people. Dr Peter Mugyeni is a world-renowned research leader who has authored two books, and he has stared in a major motion picture documentary.

Hear the Story of HIV In Africa!

Dr Christina Blanchard-Horan with brown greying hair too her shoulders and flipping up. She has on Prada square framed glasses and a big smile.

Christina Blanchard-Horan, PhD, MA, CCRP

Principal, GHL Solutions

Dr. Blanchard-Horan was inspired by her work over the years to found this platform for open discussions around HIV and COVID.

Over the last 20 years, she set up and coordinated clinical trial network sites and worked with cohorts across Africa, Asia, and South America mainly addressing site preparedness questions in HIV.  In particular she has spent decades working in Uganda building malaria behavior studies, and supporting microinsurance, microloans and other programs in Southwestern Uganda and West Africa, Sierra Leone. 


Woman with light skin rosy cheeks and a giving smile has on a black v-neck shirt.

Lynda Sagestano, PhD

Qualitative Researcher specializing in Gender Equity

Dr. Sagrestano is the moderator of the HIV COVID Talks series. She is an experienced qualitative interviewer with decades of experience.


Woman with light skin rosy cheeks and a giving smile has on a black v-neck shirt.

Louis Grue, MS, RN

Clinical Research Expert

Louis Grue is a consultant with Leidos at NIH. He has been instrumental in developing this working group and the subsequent webinars.