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Dr. James G Hakim


Dedicated to the memory  of

Dr. James Gita Hakim

The DART Trial

Dr. James Gita Hakim

Dr. James Hakim was a clinician-researcher investigating HIV/AIDS prevention and therapeutics, including co-infections. He was the first director of the University of Zimbabwe Clinical Research Centre (UZ-CRC).  His leadership guided the UZ-CRC, helping build it into what it is today.

 Brief Bio

James Hakim joined the University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences (UZCHS) in 1992. In less than 10 years, he was Chair of Medicine at the college. He served as Principal Investigator and Site Leader for the Harare-based University of Zimbabwe-University of California San Francisco Clinical Trials Unit.He served as a member of the UNAIDS expert committee on HIV/AIDS. At the time of his death, he was the elected African representative on the Governing Council of the International AIDS Society.


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ACTG Meeting Metro Ride

Dr. Kumarasamy with James and his wife Phoebe ride the metro.


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Dr. Diana “Di” Gibb is a pediatric HIV physician and research scientist.  She is also a professor of epidemiology at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Clinical Trials Unit at University College London



HIV Then & Now COVID

James was a South Sudanese and Ugandan, internist, clinical epidemiologist, cardiologist, researcher, university faculty, and academic mentor. At the time of his death, he was Professor of Medicine and Former Chair of Internal Medicine at the University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences. (Wikipedia)

He may be best known for his work on the DART trials. As one of the principal investigators and developers of this trial, he contributed to turning the tide on AIDS in Africa.

The DART trial changed the world’s mind about whether antiretrovirals could be taken properly in Africa.  The World Health Organization changed its policies around antiretrovirals after this study. James and his colleagues, Dr. Mugyenyi and Dr. Gibb all played a role in the development and rollout of the DART trial. This was seminal work.

James, his wife, Dr. Gibb and colleagues

James and Colleagues at the University College London

 Dr.James Hakim and colleagues

Professor Hakim was nominated for the award of a Doctor of Medicine degree by the University College London.  Pictured here with his wife (left) and colleagues including Dr. Diana Gibb (right).


AIDS Clinical Trials Group Meeting get-together with colleagues Drs Kumarasamy, Chip Schooley, Connie Benson, Tom Campbell, Sue Swindells, and Margaret Borok-Williams.

Interview with Dr. Hakim by PicturingHealth.Org

DART Documentary

Origins of the HIV COVID Talks Interview with James Hakim

Included in the HIV COVID Talks Introduction is footage from the DART Trial film, aimed at enlightening policymakers to the realities on the ground and the possibility of saving lives with antiretroviral therapy.

At its time DART was the largest HIV treatment trial in Africa.  The Documentary was shown on BBC World and on TV stations in at least 6 African countries,  was runner up for BMJ Health Communicator of the year award, 2011. The film made with Medical Research Council – Clinical Trials Unit and Imperial College



Harare, Zimbabwe

Dr. James G Hakim

Physician & Researcher

Born 14 May 1954

Died 25 January 2021