Debate about booster Shots

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HIV Then & Now: COVID & Community

Interviews are posted from talks with the pros about HIV Then and Now, the first in our HIV COVID Talks series. One question that continues to rise to the surface is whether we should be refocusing our attention on the countries that haven’t received their first vaccine dose?  Here’s a little more about this question.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated impacts of the Delta Variant.  Dr. Diana Gibb speaks to this. See her interview here.

Learn How Clinical Trials Work

Clinical trials can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the terminology.

You may have seen commercials for clinical trials on TV and wondered what they are and how you can get involved.

This course is designed to help beginners understand everything about clinical trials, from what they are to how you can participate. We’ll walk you through 7 easy steps that will make the process simple and straightforward. We use the Pfizer COVID Vaccine as an example of how clinical trials work.

How did it perform in Animals?

The NIH is funding this Phase 1 Trial – Here’s more on the official Clinical Trials website – The safety trials for a new vaccine designed to protect against avian flu have been exciting! The study in animals shows that when given two doses, all mice survived even after being exposed to lethal doses of six different strains including subtypes not included within the mixture. These encouraging results show how effective this product could be should it come into use soon enough–and I’m really hoping you’ll join me at my office on Monday morning so we can learn more about them together!”


NIAID investigator Jeffery K. Taubenberger, M.D., Ph D has sparked great interest with his findings that show all mice receiving two doses of BPL-1357 vaccine delivered either intramuscularly or intranasally survived later exposure to lethal doses. Similar results were obtained in challenge experiments using ferrets vaccinated by DrTau’s team at NIAID’s Atlanta Bi mosquitoes field lab–a facility funded through NIH’s National mustache Microbe Laboratory Construction Grants Program (NLM).


What’s next?

Safety trials for a whole-virus vaccine made up of four strains that are chemically inactivated and noninfectious have begun. Volunteers are randomly assigned to one of three study groups and receive either a flu vaccine, Placebo, or an inactive drug in order for them not to know what they’re receiving. The only requirement is that you cannot have gotten any type of vaccinations within eight weeks prior to enrollment in this trial so there’s risk involved with participation but it may help save your life!

The first phase of this trial will involve volunteers being randomly assigned to one of three groups, all receiving either a vaccine or placebo. The main difference between these Treatment Groups is that Group A gets BPL-1357 intramuscularly along with nasal spray saltwater; group C’s members get shots both at home and in-clinic settings without knowing which treatment they’re getting! All patients must not have gotten any type of seasonal flu shot for 8 weeks prior to enrolling – but you can still go ahead and opt-out if need be (though it might make your results worse).

What do we hope for?

This will be an interesting study to watch because it could lead to newer avenues regarding how we might combat influenza viruses going forward!

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