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Christina Blanchard-Horan, PhD

Christina Blanchard-Horan, PhD


Dr. Christina Blanchard-Horan is the principal at GHL Solutions and the author of this course. She is trained in the art of organizational management, quality, and transformation.
I’m not going to kid you.. Self-Publishing is not for sissies. It requires dedication to you and a commitment to completing what you started. If you have come that far, you are in the right place if you trying to find easy self-publishing, but don’t want to sacrifice quality.
Are you looking to publish your great work, that book you’ve been thinking about for years. Maybe you thought of self-publishing. But, you don’t know where to start.

Self-publishing can be very gratifying and even lucrative if you hit a sweet spot. The audience’s desire for your topic is one component of your success. The other is the quality of your work.  Here we guide you to focus on shaping the publication into a product that the audience wants on Amazon, the largest distributor of books.

The review process begins with a brief editorial review and sometimes painful look at your manuscript.  Lesson one will help you understand that process,  why it is important, and what to expect.

Next step is formatting, then selecting and inserting images, maybe not in that order.  We will review each of these steps as well as the process for actually uploading your document to Amazon.


This course offers the opportunity to learn about self-publishing and the lead up to your final product. Whether you are in the idea stages,, have an outline, or a full manuscript, there is always time to learn about how to self-publish.

This course walks you through the self-publishing process, from start to finish.

Are you writing fiction or non-fiction? Do you have a full manuscript or an outline? This course will have something to help you move forward.