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Whether you are learning science or business, we have classes that will fit your needs.

GHL Solutions offers courses in business start-up, professional transitions, IT security, and web design. Have a Life Sciences degree from a non-US, Canada, EU country and are interested in clinical trials? Need to understand Microsoft 365 a little better? Research Program Planning

Business Development

Helping businesses grow by offering various small business services including marketing services like web development, organic social media growth, and planning,

Evaluation & Clinical Trials Research

A place to learn more about scientific research and ways to become more self-informed in this complex world.

Professional Improvement

At GHL Solutions we have a team of people dedicated to developing superior courses to help raise awareness and knowledge about professional improvement. 

Social Marketing & Media

For those who are interested in learning more about important social media.

Achieve your goals

Identifying, Setting and Following Through with your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) can be daunting.

As a business person, you don’t have time for anything that doesn’t result in a return on your investment. Our team of specialists can help you identify your goals, set them, and keep you on track toward successfully achieving your goals.

Free Courses

We are building free community courses around research. Stay tuned. 

Premium Courses

We have a selective set of courses that seek to help you solve important challenges.

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