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Bringing Science to Communities

GHL Solutions uses various methods to learn from communities, social media, online discussions like our webinar series, and through focus groups, nominal group processes, and quality improvement strategies. GHL also applies a Lay Health Advisor Model, offering sustainable community solutions. 


Defining community is not always easy in today’s complex society


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LHA Model

Our Community Engagement strategy applies social science  methods to implement Lay Health Advisors

Are you challenged to develop community engagement remotely? COVID has added a new layer of complexity to Community Engagement. GHL has developed strategies that help engage communities by engaging remotely and onsite.  Establishing a strategic cycle of training that contributes to feelings of responsibility and oversight of community organizations which helps build sustained governance.


Taking Community Engagement to The Next Level


Most challenging to community work is first defining community. Communities are ever more complex and not geographically defined.  Engaging community members who are not geographically defined, often not ethnically defined. Communities can have the same clinical condition, such as HIV, or they may share the same brand of soap. Sustaining group momentum and governance may be one of the most difficult. What motivates communities may defy logic, but the answers are there.


Communities are defined now defined by their level of interest or engagement with certain concepts or products. If someone buys dog food, they likely have a dog. But if they watch dog videos, does not mean they have a dog. Understanding these differences can save time and money. Engagement of communities once a group or community or network can be identified and defined with our unique understanding of the condition and interest in the topic. Motivation is driven by knowledge and belief in what is possible.

Supporting Women

Supporting women supports communities. Women are the most likely to be impacted by school closures, healthcare access, and financial stability. As a woman owned and woman run business, GHL takes women seriously.

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“…many of our staff are in employment and advancing in their careers because of the projects that you helped us win or supported us to sustain.”

~Peter Mugenyi,

Former Director of the Joint Clinical Research Centre in Uganda