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Cervical Cancer in Uganda

This year we raise awareness to the impact of Cervical Cancer on Communities of Uganda. Because of poor infrastructure and low screening rates, Uganda has one of the highest cervical cancer incidence rates in the world (54.8 per 100,000) according to recent research.

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GHL Has been working with local organizations in Uganda to address this issue in rural communities. The Ishaka Health Plan are testing an HPV platform in Bushenyi and providing important life-saving vaccines to young girls before they become sexually active.

HPV Vaccine Saves Lives

Did you also know that there’s a vaccine to protect against cervical cancer? The good news is, we can help. GHL is working with the Ishaka Health Plan (IHP) to implement vaccination programs for young girls to increase the rate of vaccination in the Bushenyi District. GHL has been working with this NGO to build capacity and evaluate the Cervical Cancer Prevention program funded by the Dutch VSO, the University of Munich through the work of Dr. Lynda Sagrestano, and implemented in 2019.

IHP has an amazing team of experts who are dedicated to making sure every girl and boy in Uganda have access to this life-saving vaccine starting in Bushenyi. And because they work with local communities, you can be assured that the community understands exactly what they need to do.

IHP’s goal is simple – no more lives lost from HPV or cervical cancer. That means getting as many girls vaccinated as soon as possible so they don’t get sick later in life. They are spreading awareness about the importance of vaccination among parents and guardians across the Bushenyi district. If you want to be part of our lifesaving mission, please donate today! Your support will go a long way toward helping us reach even more people in Uganda with information about how important this vaccine really is for their children’s health. Together, let’s stop HPV from causing any more harm.

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