Cervical Cancer Awareness and HPV Prevention in Uganda

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GHL's Dr Lynda Sagrestano and the IHP Team

GHL’s Dr Lynda Sagrestano and the IHP Team during Situation Analysis Data Collection

Global Health Liaisons (GHL) is pleased to provide support to the Ishaka Health Plan’s (IHP) Cervical Cancer Awareness and HPV Prevention project in Southwest Uganda, a program funded through the Caroline van der Wal Impact Award by VSO Nederland.

The goal of the HPV project is to create a sustainable intervention that raises awareness of cervical cancer and prevention, leading to increased uptake of the HPV vaccine, and ultimately reduces cervical cancer in the Bushenyi District.

GHL will be conducting the program’s Situation Analysis and will execute the monitoring and evaluation of the program. The situation analysis began in 2019 with a site visit by Dr. Lynda Sagrestano.  The intervention strategy was revised and approved by the VSO as a result of the Situation Analysis Report.  The intervention will now involve trained health workers conducting a total of 32 workshops with facility health workers, community leaders, and village health team workers. The trainers will also conduct workshops in 16 parishes targeting parent-teacher associations to reach the target audience most directly.  Congratulations to all of those who contributed to the Situation Analysis that led to this strategic shift in plans.

PROJECT & EVALUATION DURATION – August 2019 – December 2020

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