You are ready for more than our basic plan if you are looking to grow your professional services. Here’s what we can offer in our Professional Benefits

$199 /mo or $159/Paid Annually

Basic Services

When you are logged in you will have access to all Public Podcasts and Live Webinar Broadcasts in our library.  When logged in, you will be able to Post, Comment, and share knowledge while raising your professional visibility.  The Member Newsletter will arrive in your inbox and you will also get our News and Updates on selected Posts.

Business Development

Are you looking for affordable ways to get guidance when you need it, without a lot of front-end costs?  Professional Subscribers receive four (4) business development sessions ($800 value) designed to identify your best next steps. When you need more support, you will receive ad hoc sessions at a discounted hourly rate.

Professional Landing Page

Do you really need to build an entire website? If not, an effective landing page may be your best option. When you are a Professional Subscriber you will receive an email within 48 hours outlining the next steps to building your professional webpage with images, video, and bio or small business information. ($500 value)

Social Media Marketing

Social media planning is critical in today’s marketplace. A professional with a social marketing plan is better prepared and ultimately more successful. Our business services advising includes an effective outline for creating a simple social media plan. ($599 value)