GHL Teams

Global Health Liaisons Associates work in teams that target specific sectors or challenges within a project. We have nutrition evaluation, supply chain management, and climate change specialists. A number of associates have experience supporting infectious disease studies. Supply chain management and assessment team members have worked on numerous projects for international development program funders like USAID. Our infectious disease specialist have worked with and The National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Climate Change associates have worked on watershed projects in Puerto Rico, Mozambique, the US and numerous other countries. Some of their projects have involved the US Department of Health and Human Services and other international funders. Click the link to the left to learn about our team members.

Clinical Trials Team

Christina Blanchard-Horan PhD

Principal and Senior Consultant

Christina Blanchard-Horan, PhD is a trained applied anthropologist and facilitator. She has been lead consultant at Global Health Liaisons since the company’s inception. It was her vision to lead a company that provides consultants with an environment of collaboration and support while meeting the high demands of clients. Since 1993, Dr. Blanchard-Horan has applied implementation research and evaluation methods to improve infectious and non-communicable disease programs in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and the United States and its territories. She lives in Washington, DC, and Entebbe, Uganda.

Lynda Sagrestano, PhD

Gender and Evaluation Expert

Lynda M. Sagrestano, Ph.D. is an applied social, community, and health psychologist with over 25 years of experience doing community based research, needs assessments, and program evaluations, with specializations in women and gender issues, sexual and reproductive health, and maternal and child health. She received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. She then completed postdoctoral fellowships in Health Psychology (UCLA) and Prevention (University of Illinois, Chicago).

Denis Bwesigye - MA, DR.PH,

Senior Consultant Public Health & Social Mapping

Denis Akankunda Bwesigye, MA, Dr.PH, is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Makerere University School of Public Health. His research centers on generating evidence to inform the development of interventions for safe delivery and child survival among expecting women within the Sub-Saharan Africa region. He is an expert in research and program evaluations relating to HIV and AIDS, maternal and child health, environmental health, behavioral change and communication, malaria control and child immunization.

David Jamieson

Supply Chain Expert

David Jamieson, is an experienced public health sector procurement and supply chain expert, has worked for major international development donors and developing country governments for 30 years. A highly-motivated self-starter, David was Deputy Director for Program Planning and Global Partnerships with the PEPFAR-funded Supply Chain Management Project (SCMS) and a senior health supply chain adviser for Crown Agents.

Brian Agbiriogu, MD, MBA

Data Visualization and Infomatics

Dr Brian Agbiriogu is a medical doctor who has an MBA in Global Business and advanced data use and visualization. His integration of clinical medical experience with health informatics and public health was borne out of the realization that health informatics/public health/data-driven approaches to health problem are usually effective. Systemic and data driven approaches to public health efforts complement clinical care, improve efficiencies, reduce waste in healthcare/health service delivery and are more sustainable.

Albert Kalangwa, Phd

Supply Chain & Pharmacy Expert

Dr Albert Kalangwa has more than a decade of experience conducting supply chain management implementation studies. He has made considerable contributions to supply chain strengthening in Uganda, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Djibouti. He is an expert in pharmaceutical supply procurement and supply chain assessment, and policy. In addition to his consulting work with UNICEF in Copenhagen, Denmark on global issues related to supply chain, he has extensive experience advising agencies such as United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and World Health Organization (WHO), as well as advising for Partnership for Supply Chain Management in Washington, DC.

Errance Meeks, MBA, BA-MT

Laboratory Strengthening Manager

Errance Meeks is a scientific and business professional with over 25 years of technical, logistics, capture, business development and administrative expertise. Knowledgeable in DoD 5000 Acquisition Program/Project management. Provide direction and expertise in managing cost, schedule, and performance parameters. Provide direction and motivate department activities, resources and outputs to produce smooth-running operation throughout the life cycle. Control aspects of departmental expectations by establishing monitoring programs to ensure target objectives are achieved by establishing work break down structures (WBS), timely review of fiscal year budgets and ensure alignment of key performance parameters against defined capability gaps. Implements section policies and procedures in accordance with all government and or corporate organizational standards.

Kim Banks, MBA, MS, MT(AMT)

Laboratory Development Specialist

Kim Banks is an expert in the field of laboratory preparedness and development. She has decades of experience helping laboratories get ISO compliant, accredited and EQA certified. Her experience has involved clinical laboratory setup, strengthening, quality management and accreditation. Among other things, Kim has managed laboratory teams, led quality assessment activities, developed SOPs, and spearheaded the creation of policies and procedures in laboratories around the globe. She is currently on assignment in Bermuda.

Stella S. Kirkendale, MPH

Community Engagement and International Program Management

Ms. Kirkendale is a public health practitioner and trainer with leadership and gender-focused experience in global health technical assistance, community capacity-strengthening, training design and facilitation, advocacy, project management and research support for clinical trials and implementation research. She has over 25 years of experience in managing global and US stakeholder engagement, education and capacity-building projects in HIV/AIDS, TB infection control and Ebola funded by USAID, NIH and CDC. Ms. Kirkendale advised Partners in Health on their community health and social protection programs in Sierra Leone during the transition from the Ebola crisis to health systems strengthening.

Caitlyn Bradburn, MPH

Master Trainer

Caitlyn Bradburn, MPH is a public health professional with 20 years of experience, 15 of which have been in global public health. Ms. Bradburn’s career began as an education coordinator at a homeless shelter in Washington, DC, where her interest in working to address social injustices was born. Ms. Bradburn has worked in many African countries, including Cameroon, Malawi, Sierra Leone, on projects funded by CDC and USAID among others. Her work has focused heavily on training.

Magda Rodriguez Gonzalez, PsyD, MA

Behavior Change Scientist and Regulatory Specialist

Dr. Gonzalez is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in behavior change theory for people with HIV, acculturation stressors, and organizational psychology. Her work has emphasized the translation of science into practice. She works as a consultant and trainer, conducting organizational analysis and implementing strategic plans for behavior change. Dr. Gonzalez has worked as a translator and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Moses Sorba

Health and Nutrition Education Specialist

Moses Sorba is a health and nutrition education specialist located in Sierra Leone. He has conducted survey and health education for numerous clients, including UNICEF as a nutrition specialist and with Child fund International as a Water and Nutrition Project Coordinator, building staff capacity and training. Mr Sorba maintains effective monitoring, supervision, reporting and communication in the districts in Sierra Leone to ensure targets. He was head of project for WASH Trainer Software.

Jasmine Fledderjohann, PhD

Social Demographer & Health Analyst

Dr. Jasmine Fledderjohann is a social demographer with expertise in quantitative data analysis, social epidemiology, and reproductive, maternal, and child health. She has 11 years of experience conducting research on child maltreatment in the US, sexual and reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa, and maternal and child health in low- and middle-income countries around the globe. She holds dual-title Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Sociology and Demography from the Pennsylvania State University, as well a certificate in quantitative research methods.

John Bosco Asiimwe, PhD

Statistician and Evaluation Specialist

Asiimwe John Bosco, PhD – John Bosco has a Doctorate and Master’s in Statistics from Makerere University, Uganda and has a Certificate in Impact Evaluation awarded by the University of Witwatersrand University of South Africa. He has been Principal Investigator (PI) on a Harvard and University of California funded impact evaluation study “Working with Village Health Teams to Increase ORS Use in Uganda: A Randomized Controlled Trial” and has worked as a statistician on vaccination coverage surveys funded by the World Health organization. Dr Asiimwe has been working as a monitoring and evaluation expert on.

Adrienne I. Greve, PhD

Resiliency and Climate Change Scientist

Adrienne Greve applies urban planning principles to the study of resiliency and climate change (both greenhouse gas reduction and climate adaptation). Her planning work includes, preparation of the State of California Adaptation Planning Guide (2012) as Project Director, which is now cited as a national model for use by municipal government in preparing climate adapted plans and projects (vulnerability assessment to strategy development and implementation). She is currently serving as Project Climate Change Advisor for the 2018 California State Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan. She also serves as the resilience consultant for the World Bank on Climate-Smart Capital Investment Planning, part of the Credit Worthiness Initiative.

Scott Kaiser, MUEP

Water Resources Planner and Spatial Analyst.

Scott Kaiser, MPH is an experienced urban and environmental planner with a background in applied applications of GIS technologies to advance sustainable community development and public health initiatives. Mr. Kaiser brings a context-driven approach to solving complex environmental problems. He has 10 years of experience working on sustainable community development and natural resource management programs across the U.S., Guinea, Mozambique, and South Africa where he deployed GIS technologies to inform policy and programmatic initiatives. His work includes implementation research and policy analysis, remote sensing, suitability modeling, watershed modeling, accessibility analysis, scenario modeling and comparisons,

Matt MacFarlane, MPH


Matthew MacFarlane, MPH, is an Epidemiologist and Researcher with a focus on evaluations in developing and emergency contexts. With a background in the epidemiology of infectious diseases, his focus is on the design and implementation of quantitative studies in challenging settings. His past work has included management of a project to evaluate a suite of tools assessing the nature and scale of unaccompanied and separated children across emergency settings in Ethiopia, Haiti, and South Sudan.

Muthoni Njage, MPH

Public Health & Community

Muthoni Njage is a Public Health specialist with over 12years in global health. She has experience with international donor-funded initiatives in HIV/AIDS, maternal health, nutrition and research programs in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. She lives in Nanyuki, Kenya.

Marsha Greene, PhD


Marsha Greene is an experienced clinical research professional skilled in clinical trials protocol development, program development, regulatory oversight and policy development. In her 14 year professional career, Ms. Greene has worked on a diverse array of projects encompassing infectious disease, cancer, sociobehavioral issues and the impacts of emerging biotechnologies on human health and national security. Click photo for more….

Jane Pritchard, BS, CCRA, ACRP PM

Clinical Research Professional

Jan Pritchard is an accomplished Clinical Research Professional with proven ability to drive and support global and regional clinical research (Phase I-IV) operations. Ms. Pritchard has more than 30 years of experience in clinical and biomedical research, primarily in the roles of Project Manager, Associate Project Manager, Senior Clinical Research Associate, Research Scientist, and Research Pharmacologist. Click photo for more..

Kakunta Daniel

Health Finance & Social Work

Kakunta Daniel is a service-focused program coordinator with a strong commitment to serving the needs of disadvantaged youths, adults, and special-needs populations. He has been responsible for financial management, employee development, client sensitization, and management of health microinsurance scheme development in Uganda. Kakunta manages our Uganda-based office

Davina Blanchard

Graphic Designer II

Davina Blanchard has more than 15 years of experience as a graphic designer. She is a creative graphic design artist who can turn a phrase as well as she can design a page. She is also experienced at light animation. She is the head of Heavy Designs, the Graphic Design arm at GHL.

Veronica Toffolutti

Health Economist

Dr. Veronica Toffolutti is a health economist with expertise in quantitative data analysis, social epidemiology, and public health. With a background in statistics, her past work included evaluations of the impact policy intervention on community and individual health. She holds Master degree in Statistics and Doctorate degrees in Health Economics.

Simon Wachira Njuguna, B. Pharm, MPSK

Pharmacy Specialist

Simon Wachira Njuguna, B. Pharm, MPSK facilitates safe and rational production, distribution and use of drugs. He has been a key player in the provision of accessible and affordable health care at the community level in Kenya, with special focus on treatment and prevention of communicable, sexually and vector transmitted diseases, sanitation and immunization, through research in the relevant fields. Mr Wachira Njuguna led the pharmacy team at Moi Teaching Hospital to become… click the photo for more

Fangfang Li, MSc

Nutrition Anthropologist

Fangfang Li, MSc is a nutrition anthropologist and doctoral candidate at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Amsterdam. She teaches at the School of Public Health on the Faculty of Medicine in Hong Kong University. At the Global Health and Development in Hong Kong, the first of its kind in Asia, she has been engaged in curriculum development, tutoring and mentoring on topics around global health. While working for the United Nations University… click the photo for more

Edith Kareko-Munene

Leadership Trainer

Dr Edith Kareko- Munene is a strategic, energetic and entrepreneurial professional with 18 + years of experience who has a great understanding of international development and global health issues, has proven education/capacity building, leadership and policy, organizational management experience. She has worked extensively throughout Africa, Europe and North America and am well endowed with global leadership expertise through work experience and formal training. Her work experience has included international development, health, program/grant management, resource mobilization, strategic planning and implementation, proposal development, directing, managing and leading a team of US and non US senior technical specialists in charge of numerous programs and supporting the implementation of annual work plans/budgets…. click photo for more

Manasseh Tumuhimbise, PhD

Financial Management & Accounting

Prof Manasseh Tumuhimbise is a lecturer in business financial management and public sector finance. His research has included business credit risk management, insurance and taxation. He teaches entrepreneurship and local governance. Dr Tumuhimbise facilitates business and project management training, financial management, and public sector accounting at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Dr. Manasseh holds a PhD of Mbarara University of Science and Technology …. click photo for more

For more detailed information about our team of associates at Global Health Liaisons, click their picture or the social media link.