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ASH RC Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Trials Support Team Rocks - GHL.Solutions

ASH RC Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Trials Support Team Rocks

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Sickle Cell Clinical Trials Support

GHLiaisons ASH RC Support Team

GHLiaisons’ ASH RC Support Team

The GHLiaisons sickle cell disease Clinical Trials Support Team successfully propelled the clinical trials initiative at ASH RC to the next level. Preparing community engagement activities for sickle cell disease clinical trials, Dr. Lydna Sagrestano led the community engagement efforts.  More information can be found on our website under resourcesDr. Kelly Earp helped with site onboarding and SOP development, as did Jabin Sharma and Marsha Greene. They provided a professional and rapid response to the agenda for supporting sickle cell disease clinical trials. The team adapted to modifications in client needs, moving quickly forward despite some challenges. GHL got the job done well. I believe the client will remember a job well done. GHL left ASH RC better positioned to receive their first client. Their SOPs were done, three sites activated, and the community is better prepared for new business.
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