COVID: The Sequel – NIH Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Infection

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NIH Watches Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Infections Rise

A friend sent a recent notice about another concern at NIH. It is clear that the COVID pandemic (current guidelines) has had a massive impact on human life all over the world. But as if this wasn’t enough, NIH shared that new concerns were arising about the damage to efforts in the fight against antimicrobial-resistance-amr-infection. Since COVID antimicrobial resistance (AMR) infections are up, now happening every 11 seconds and causing death every 15 minutes. This is having a particularly severe impact on low- and middle-income countries – resource-limited settings.

antibiotic resistence

Increased AMR Infections

The main reason for this increase in AMR infections is the overprescription of antibiotics. In many cases, antibiotics are prescribed unnecessarily or for the wrong conditions. This has led to a situation where bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to the drugs that we use to fight them. And as if this wasn’t enough, the COVID pandemic has made the situation even worse.

The pandemic has led to a significant increase in the use of antibiotics. This is because many people are seeking medical treatment for COVID-related symptoms, even though the majority of cases are mild. And in many cases, antibiotics are being prescribed unnecessarily. This is having a devastating impact on our efforts to fight AMR.

In resource-limited settings where antibiotics are less carefully monitored and more easily distributed, the situation will be worse.  This is because these countries are more likely to have weak health systems and a lack of access to quality medical care. This means that people are more likely to self-medicate with antibiotics and that antimicrobial resistance is more likely to spread.

It is extremely worrying, and clear that something needs to be done to address AMR infections and the rate of spread. But what? We need to find a way to reduce the overprescription of antibiotics and ensure that people have access to quality medical care when its needed. Otherwise, we are at risk of losing the battle against antimicrobial resistance. And that would be a disaster.


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What does it Mean

The increases in drug-resistant infections seen over the past few years may be partly due to overprescription of antibiotics and increased use such as catheters or ventilators that can lead directly to the infection. Some hardiest types of antimicrobial infections jumped nearly 80% during this time period.

Biden administration officials are focused on reversing these problems through policy changes like increasing funding for health care programs which helps those at risk become better prepared when they receive their next blow – thus preventing third-degree burns, so to speak, from happening so easily!

What is Needed

The urgent need for novel antibiotics, antifungals, and preventative vaccines cannot be met without a fast-paced research effort. This is also true in the area of diagnostics to ensure we have quick methods available with minimal cost when needed most by patients or caregivers who may not even know they’re infected until it’s too late! Lastly, there needs more public awareness campaigns so that everyone can get involved against this global health crisis today.

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