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Dr. James Gita Hakim

Dr. James Gita Hakim

Physician, Scientist and Innovator

This series was developed in recognition of an incredible researcher and human who impressed the world with his humble nature and research prowess. Dr. James Hakim worked with Drs. Gibb and Mugyenyi and other scientists tirelessly pioneering some of the most important science impacting PLWHA in developing countries.  James was among the first doctors to introduce antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) in Africa – Interacademies.

James was a  supporter of just and equitable solutions to global epidemics. In these interviews with some of his friends and colleagues, they reflect on the intense HIV AIDS situation in Africa in the early 1980s and into early 2000. Peter and Di speak about their professional relationship with him while sharing thoughts on the current situation with COVID, its similarity to the start of the HIV epidemic.

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15 September 9:30 am ET


HIV Then & Now: COVID

How much do we know about HIV and COVID? What are the risks? Why are some saying the situation in developing countries mirrors the HIV in the beginning.  The HIV COVID Talks series begins with a Discussion called “HIV Then & Now.”  Interviews with top scientists at the National Institutes of Health, and research facilities in Africa and Asia. The conversation starts with an interview with Dr. Peter Mugyenyi about HIV in the 70s and 80s to the issues of today.

This webinar series was developed to provide a platform for discussions about global issues around HIV AIDS and COVID.  Join us with a Free Subscription.  Membership Required (Free Option)

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Webinar series HIV COVID Talks features conversations with world-renowned scientists, about policy-changing research, and community solutions.

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