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GHL Solutions offers research and evaluation services, business development, and education course solutions. Courses are available to anyone upon registration. GHL members get courses at a discounted rate. Contact us directly to learn more about our research and evaluation services to help you find answers to your important questions.

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International Clinical Trials

Clinical sites and communities in resource-limited settings may need added support for participating in protocols’ development, and implementation.  GHL team members have supported a variety of clinical networks including the AIDS Clinical Trials Group, the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS  Clinical Trials Group and the ASH Research Collaborative.  We are independent contractors prepared to provide support to clinical trials development and implementation.

Are you ready for protocol first enrolment? Are you still scaling up community advisory boards, onboarding clinical trials coordinators, or reviewing laboratory safety protocols? We can help with team building, coordination, laboratory, pharmacy, and regulatory preparedness, as well as safety training.


Bridging Science & Community

Your Liaison

GHL Solutions is your one stop shop for research, education and business development tools. Whether you need help creating courses or growing a small business we’ve got what it takes to get the job done!


GHL Solutions research helps us address the perception of communities that arise when you are bringing an intervention into that world. This is especially the case in places where services are not available.



Community Liaisons

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HIV Then & Now: COVID

15 September 9:30 am ET

How much do you know about HIV and COVID? What are the risks? Why are some people saying the situation in developing countries mirrors the HIV situation in the beginning.  The HIV COVID Talks series starts with a Discussion called “HIV Then & Now.”  Interviews with top scientists at the National Institutes of Health, and research facilities in Africa and Asia. The conversation starts with an interview with Dr. Peter Mugyenyi about HIV in the 70s and 80s to the issues of today.

The webinar series was developed to provide a platform for discussions about global issues around HIV AIDS and COVID.  Join us with your Subscription.  Membership Required 

Program Evaluation

GHL also conducts evaluation research on programs like UNICEF’s malnutrition reduction programs.

Dr. Diana “Di” Gibb is a pediatric HIV physician and research scientist. She is also a professor of epidemiology at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Clinical Trials Unit at University College London


To view our webinars, please create an account and log in. At  GHL.Solutions we offer qualitative research, clinical trials network development, evaluation, and support services for clinical trials and international development programs. 

International Accessibility

GHL brought together HIV and COVID investigators to a public platform for the first time, in an effort that will surely have far-reaching implications. For many people living with or at risk of contracting this disease, it can be difficult enough just trying desperately to await news about their diagnosis; now we’re adding yet another layer onto our stressors with COVID questions –

GHL Solutions is working to make sure this place where science meets community is accessible in resource-limited settings. Thank you for your patience as we work through the process.

Small Business


We support Women’s Equity Programs. Hold conversations with world-renowned scientists and post their responses to questions around HIV and COVID-19. We’ve participated in policy-changing research, community solutions, and new business development. We help to develop programs that serve women and girls. One program is called the Girls Freedom Initiative. See more at Girls

Hear Agnes’ story below.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

I believe we all make our own opportunities. With the most recent change the workplace dynamic, many of people who lost their jobs during the pandemic are going into business for themselves. Many are finally following through with the idea they had but were too affraid to act on it, because you had a secure job.  I applaud you for stepping out. Small business development is where we can provide you with support. We have two levels of support, one for the beginner consultant and the other for the small business owner.